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Tour Code: OVT221
Duration: 9 nights and 10 days
Transportation: 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser

The only country in Africa never to have been fully colonised, Ethiopia’s human history is as enthralling as its scenery. The tribes of the Omo Valley symbolise the Africa of old, with body adornments and ancient ceremonies. Trek the highlands with a local guide, who will reveal the secrets not just of the environment – but of the people’s relationship with this land, to complete your Ethiopia cultural tour and for a real immersion, book a night in a community tukul – a traditional thatched hut located within a village

Hoya Tours Ethiopia guide well come! At Bole International Airport and transfer to your hotel. Depending on your arrival time you will have a full day or half day city tour of Addis Ababa.The city was founded by Emperor Menelik 2 in 1886.Addis Ababa in Amharic means "New Flower".The capital city is home for Africa's Diplomatic capital with the presence of the HeadQuarters of the African Union and many embassies. After breakfast or rest we will drive up to the Entoto Mountain(3300m) high for a panoramic view of Addis, visit Entoto Museum with historical and Royal Exhibit, and the church of St.Mary.Drive back to Addis Ababa and visit Ethnographic Museum,NationalMuseum,Holy Trinity Cathedral and Merkato Market(One of the biggest Open Air Market in Africa).

Accommodation: Azzeman Hotel
Accommodation upgrades options: Best Western plus Pearl Addis
Meals: Breakfast

After early breakfast, we are driving down south in the rift valley to Dorze(2900m ). The Dorze tribe were warriors, famous for their cotton woven cloths and beehive huts construction design. On the way we have site seeing at Tiya stale (UNESCO’s World Heritage Site); you will see grave markers erected in the 14 the century AD, and the Great East African Rift Valley system. Before we arrive in Dorze,we drive ascending up on Gughe hill through dramatic views, up on arrival in Dorze, walk in the Dorze villages and experience the beehive shape of the famous Dorze huts. And the preparation of their Staple food made out of False Banana and traditional dance in the evening.

Accommodation: Dorze Lodge
Accommodation upgrade options: None
Meals: Breakfast

After breakfast, we descend down through dramatic views over Abaya and Chamo lakes and the panoramic landscape of Guge Mountain to NechiSar National Park for bird spotting and game view. In the park you will see different bird species including the rare Greater Kestrel, Orange River Francolin, Yellow throated and Grouse, Secretary Bird, and many others. In addition to birds you will visit some mammals like Swayne’s Hartebeest, Thomson's Gazelle, Burchell's Zebra, Greater Kudu,Dik-Dik and Hamadrays Baboon. In the afternoon, we will go for a Boat Safari on Lake Chamo to view the resident hippos, crocodiles and abundant birdlife.

Accommodation:Haile Resort Arbaminch
Accommodation upgrade options: Paradise Lodge Arbaminch
Meals: Breakfast

Burchelle’s Zebra (imperial Zebra)

After breakfast, we drove to Konso via Gidoletown.TheKonso people are noted for colourful clothing, traditional masks and shields, and decorative feathers. We went out for a cultural excursion of Konso villages(UNESCO'S World Heritage Site),Konso Museum and the King's Compound, meet the ‘king of Konso.

After lunch, I drove to Jinka for a cultural visit to Ari Village and the Anthropological Museum of Jinka, displaying the South Omo tribes.

Accommodation:EcoOmo Lodge
Accommodation upgrade options:None
Meals: Breakfast

After breakfast we will drive to Mursi .Mursi people are inhabited in Mago National Park between Omo and MagoRivers.There is the option to camp in the park,and this gives you the opportunity to see all sorts of wildlife:defassa, waterbuck, gernuk, bushbuck, jackson's hartebeest, lesser kudu, gureza monkey. Mursi women wear clay or wood plates put in their lips and ears, as are also amazing hairstyles with ornaments such as metal rings and various fabrics. The men wear spectacular drawings painted with white chalk all over their bodies.TheMursi women are popular for their lip plates. The insertion of wooden and Terracotta (Clay) discs into their earlobes is a widespread custom amongst Mursi tribes. The women split and stretch their lower lips to make room for similar bigger discs. En route to Turmi visit one of the most colorful markets of Alduba among south OmoTribes.Tuesday is market day in Alduba.
In Turmi you will experience the Hammar people's night dance known as "Evangadi".It happens on a regular basis and are usually associated with crop harvest, the full moon, peace and stability in their areas.We will check whether there is a “bull jumping ceremony “in the vicinity .This is a social custom of passage ceremony for a young men, marking their transition to adulthood.

Accommodation:Buska Lodge
Accommodation upgrade options: Turmi Paradise Lodge
Meals: Breakfast

Karo Women

After breakfast drive to Karo tribes on a rough road with picnic lunch. The Karo tribes are mainly known for their special hairstyle and body paintings. Take your time here, discover and experience their way of life. In the late afternoon, drive back to Turmi.

Accommodation:Buska Lodge
Accommodation upgrades options: Turmi Paradise lodge
Meals: Breakfast

Today after early breakfast, we drive Turmi to Arba Minch via Gidole town. After 45 km drive from Konso you ascending up and enjoy the scenic views over Lake Chamo and the rift valley escarpments .Saturday is one of the big colourful markets in Gidole town. Before the market visit, you will enjoy one of the most popular and unique wind instruments (Filla) supported with traditional dance of Derashe people; test local food made out of grain and Sorghum called “hawalat “, and drink coffee. People gather to the market from Kusume,Mashole,Busa and Dobasse tribes from the surrounding areas, after Market visit, you continue your drive to Arba Minch.

Accommodation:Haile Resort Arbaminch
Accommodation upgrades options: Paradise Lodge Arbaminch
Meals: Breakfast

Today you will drive to Langano,on the way explore Senkele Swayne's Hartebeest Sanctuary. Swayne's hartebeest is a large antelope with humped shoulder(It.Drive to Sashemane for lunch,enjoy your lunch and keep driving to Langano.

Accommodation:Sabana Beach Resort
Accommodation upgrade options:None
Meals: Breakfast

After a relaxed breakfast, visit Abijatta -Shalla National park .Take a gentle walking tour in the Abijatta -Shalla National Park to see Grant's gazelle, Ostrich, Warthog, and a variety of Rift Valley bird life. Take time at a viewpoint to enjoy the superb view of Lake Abijata and Lake Shala.Drive to Addis and visit Unity Park.
In the evening/afternoon, a farewell party with free cultural dinner and traditional music to experience Ethiopia’s cultural meals .After the farewell party transfer to Bole international airport for international departure. End of tour.

Notice: This itinerary can be amended up on request

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