The eastern part of Ethiopia, close to Djibouti and Somalia, is a town inhabited mainly by Muslims.
The ancient walled city of Harar has more than 90 mosques and shrines mixed in with households behind its 16th century walls. This city was founded over 1000 years ago, and is considered to be one of the holiest centers of Muslim learning center in the Islamic world.

Harar, which is not too large to be visited on foot, is a place of unique and unforgettable charm and has much to offer to the discerning tourist. Walking down its narrow, cobble stoned and twisting lanes, one can easily feel transported back in time to the days of Richard Burton – or even earlier when Amir Nur constructed the city’s stout old walls.

Visiting the walled city of Harar is fascinating as visiting the many museums, markets and traditional homes packed inside the old city walls. And then there are the hyenas. Two households feed them by hand, and let you do it too.