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Hoya Tours Ethiopia was founded by Assefa Argachew who went to Higher Education, studied: Ethiopian Geography, Ethiopian History, BA in Applied Geography and Sociology. The owner served in the Teaching Education profession in private and Government schools. Also went to Lion Ethiopia Tourism and Hotel College- have been working in the Tourism Industry in Tour Guiding and Tour Operation for more than 8 years. Hoya Tours Ethiopia operated by long years experienced and knowledgeable Tour guides and Tour Operators in Ethiopian Tourism Industry who have a deep passion to introduce and promote untouched and mysteries of Ethiopia undiscovered rich tourist attractions ,based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Assefa Argachew: Owner and Manager

“Hoya Tours Ethiopia” in Dirashe language meaning come and visit Ethiopia, the ethnic community is called D’irasha. The people are a member of the Cushitic branch of the Afro-Asiatic family; they reside in the hills west of Lake Chamo. Agriculture is their main livelihood. The D’irasha people are famous for presenting Filla(wind instrument) and traditional dance together, in Ethiopia.

Hoya Tours Ethiopia organizes tour operation services in a sustainable and responsible manner in sharing knowledge and great experiences in destinations and off-the-beaten trucks for interested tourists for today and tomorrow.    Our core value is to provide/offer Quality Services and Sustainable Tourism for our esteemed customers to meet their satisfaction.



Hoya Tours Ethiopia has a mission to Preserve and promote tourism attractions of Ethiopia, shine untouched and undiscovered natural, cultural, and historical attractions for all our respected customers to have unforgettable experiences and memories in a client’s heart.



Hoya Tours Ethiopia has a goal to run tour operations
in a responsible way and be a best model in sustainable
tourism in tour operation.


Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


+251 913 41 9936



Grid Danakil Depression If you are up a really hot time, then make your way to Ethiopia’s Danakil Depression. VIEW MORE Item 2 Simien
Nestled in the highlands of northern Ethiopia you will find the spectacular Simien Mountains. VIEW MORE
Item 3 Rock-Hewn
Churches of Lalibela
The churches were built in the 12th-century under the direction of King Lalibela. VIEW MORE
Item 4 Gondar,
Northern Ethiopia
Nestled in the highlands of Northern Ethiopia, you’ll find the fabled city of Gondar. VIEW MORE


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