Omo Valley is one of the most unique places on earth inhabited by a wide variety of people and animals. It is located in Southern Ethiopia in the Great Rift Valley system. The region is known for its cultural diversity. The tribes that live in the lower Omo Valley are the most fascinating on the continent of Africa and around the world. Tours are offered to several towns and villages. It is often you come to experience with the sparsely distributed tribes: Nyngatom,Arbore, Ari, Bena, Bodi, Bumi, Dasanech,Derashe , Dorze, Hamar,Karo, Konso, Kwegu, Mursi, Tsemay, Turkana …when you tour the valley. These tribes find unique ways in which to express their artistic beauty.Surma and Karo are experts at body painting, using clays and locally plants to trace fantastic patterns on each other’s faces, chests, arms and legs .The Omo river is an important resource and without it the tribes and animals in the region would not survive.