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Tour Code: HT221
Duration: 9 nights and 10 days
Transportation: Air plane, 4 ᵡ 4 Toyota Land Cruiser and

We arrange tours in the northern circuits including Blue Nile falls,Lake Tana Monasteries, community visits,rock hewn churches in Lalibela and Tigray regions, Castles of Gondar  ,Simien Mountains National park and Archeological sites of Axum .We can tailor your tour to enjoy the spectacular hikes up to the impossible locations of the churches, see the beautiful religious paintings and experience the wonder of these important early Christian sites and others.

Hoya Tours Ethiopia guide welcome you! At Bole International Airport and transfer to your hotel. Depending on your arrival time you will have a full day or half day city tour of Addis Ababa. The city was founded by Emperor Menelik 2 in 1886.Addis Ababa in Amharic means "New Flower ''. The capital city is home for Africa's Diplomatic capital with the presence of the HeadQuarters of the African Union and many embassies. After breakfast we drove up to the Entoto Mountain (3300m) for a panoramic view of Addis, visited the Entoto Museum with historical and Royal Exhibit, and the church of St.Mary. Drive back to Addis Ababa and visit Ethnographic Museum, National Museum, Holy Trinity Cathedral and Merkato Market (One of the biggest Open Air Markets in Africa).

Accommodation: Azzeman Hotel
Accommodation upgraded options: Best Western plus pearl Addis
Meals: None

UraKidaneMehret Monastery
Painting in UraKidane Mehret Monastery

After breakfast, you will walk to Lake Tana (the largest Lake in Ethiopia) for a boat trip and visit some of the peaceful monasteries. It is about 1 hour by boat to Zeghe Peninsula where we visit the most famous UhreKidane Mehret monastery. We enjoy a walk on the forested peninsula to the other churches and might meet monkeys and beautiful birds on the way. On the other side of the peninsula the boat is waiting and takes us to Kibran Gabreil island (unfortunately women are not allowed to enter).
After lunch, drive for excursion to see the 17th century stone bridge constructed in Ethiopia, built at the command of Emperor Susenyos around 1620AD, now days we call it “Portuguese Bridge” and Africa’s most spectacular Blue Nile Falls. The falls create large volume of spray that is known in Amharic as “Tis Abay” mean smoking water or ’”Tis Isat”(water that smokes)

Portuguese Bride

Accommodation: Jacaranda hotel.
Accommodation upgraded option: Blue Nile Resort
Meals: Breakfast

After breakfast on your way to Gondar,you visit Awramba”Top of the Hill” rural Amhara Community to experience their way of life.Awramba communities are famous in their work activity. Any member,whatever the type of task or knowledge they perform,the share distribution among them is equal.They believe, any member of the community should be treated fairly get their support until death. When a member dies,only two people bury the dead body but so working. The founder of the community is called Zumra Nuru. Drive to Gondar and check into your hotel.
After relaxed lunch,we head to see the well-preserved Fasil Gebbi.Some people call Gondar as the “ Camelot of Africa“.Fasil Gebbi known as the Royal enclosure,it was founded in 17the century and built by Emperor Fasilides as his home,but successive emperors and rulers added to his blueprint,The buildings include Libraries,two Lion Houses,Royal Baths,and a Women’s Vocational School built by Menntewab, the Empress of Ethiopia. And then proceed to see Fasiladas Bath (Still used for Timket/Epiphany Celebration) and the most fascinating Debre Berhan Selassie church that was constructed in the 17th century, it is unique in its murals and ceiling.

Accommodation: Goha Hotel
Accommodation upgraded option: Gondar Hills Resort
Meals: Breakfast

Early in the morning, depart Gondar for the stunning Simien Mountains (UNESCO’s World Heritage Site), continue driving by stop in Debark check in at the headquarters of Simien Mountains National park ticket office. Here you will meet scout and local guide. The jagged mountains and the deep valleys lend spectacular views to these mountains, home to the many endemic animal species of Ethiopia including Gelada Baboon("Bleeding Heart Monkey''),Walia Ibex and Ethiopian wolf .We will discuss option for interesting day excursion in the park. Options include hiking Sankabar to Jenbar Valley and waterfalls for stunning views and soaring birds of prey and hiking excretions around Chennek campsite,the best place for Walia Ibex viewing.

Accommodation: Simien Lodge.
Accommodation upgraded option: Limalimo Lodge
Meals: Breakfast

Today in the morning we will go for morning excursion in the park,drive out of park and continue driving to Gondar ,visit Women’s ploughshare and Falasha or Jewish village 2 km outside Gondar,the community is known by handcrafts. Then drive to Gondar.

Accommodation: Goha Hotel
Accommodation upgraded option: Gondar Hills Resort
Meals: Breakfast

After relaxed breakfast at your hotel, transfer to Gondar Airport for Lalibela flight. Upon arrival at the airport you will be picked up by minivan and transfer to Lalibela town and check into your hotel. After lunch, you will commence the sightseeing of the famous monolithic rock- hewn churches of Lalibela(UNESCO'S World Heritage Site), carved by hand out of rocks in the 12th and 13th centuries. Today You will explore the first group (Northwestern Cluster) churches: Bete MedhaneAle,BetMaryam,BetMeskel,BetDenaghel,Bet Mikael and Bet Golgotha (Entry is not allowed for women to this church).

Accommodation: Sora Lodge
Accommodation upgraded option: Mezena Lodge
Meals: Breakfast

Bete Amanuel church

In the morning, we drive out to a rural area to explore the YemrehannaKristos Cave church (2700m) high, set in a spectacular landscape on a hill. This church is the most popular church outside Lalibela, it was built in the late - Axumite Style,with the layers of granite and wood. Drive back to Lalibela town.
After lunch visit the second (Southeast Cluster) Group churches including: Bet Gabriel-Rufael,Bet-Merkorios,BetAmanuel and Bet Abba Libanos.Finally, visit the most famous of all churches Bet Giyorgis,a huge monolith in the shape of a Cross and constructed in honor of St.George, the patron saint of Ethiopia.

Accommodation: Sora Lodge
Accommodation upgraded option: Mezena Lodge
Meals: Breakfast

Bete Giyorgis Church

Today is a full day visiting for the historical and archaeological sites of Axum including the ancient Stelae/Obelisk;some of the 4th century AD granite structures rise over 23 meters
, tombs of kings,Queen of Sheba's Bath,Museum and St.Mary of Zion Churches(the old church is not open for women). Many more sites are available to visit or you might take a couple of hours at leisure to think about your overwhelming experience of Ethiopia.

Accommodation: Sabean International hotel.
Accommodation upgraded option: Yared Zema International Hotel
Meals: Breakfast

Priestat Abuna YemataGuhchurch
Today you have hiking and excursions to the rural community for Mariam Korkor and or AbunaYemataGuh(situated at 2850m climbed on foot to reach,is the most interesting church in the region) churches of Tigray,Gheralta Cluster.The rock churches of Tigray are built high into the cliff face some of these churches are only accessible through climbing the vertical cliff ,and yet they are still used by local Ethiopians for all ages. The views from the inside churches are extraordinary. The view as the sunsets behind the mountains and sky illuminates in dark reds, yellows and oranges is so amazing.

Accommodation:Gheralta Lodge
Accommodation upgraded options: Korkor Lodge
Meals: Breakfast

On your way to Mekel you will visit the two fascinating Medhane Alem AdiKisho and Mikael Melekhayzenghi churches.In Mekelle we have lunch and then catch an afternoon flight for Addis Ababa.

Accommodation: None
Accommodation upgraded option: None
Meals: Breakfast

Up on arrival in Addis Ababa commence half day city tour of Addis Ababa comprising Unity Park and Entoto Park.
In the evening/afternoon, farewell party with free cultural dinner and traditional music to experience Ethiopia’s cultural meals and drinks. After the farewell part, transfer to Bole international airport for international departure. End of tour.

Notice:This itinerary can be amended up on request

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