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Tour Code: SMT121
Duration:5 nights and 6 days
Transportation: 4ᵡ4 Toyota Land cruiser

The Simien Mountains endowed with the stunning view points, extraordinary hiking trails and endemic wildlife makes it one of the most exciting mountain ranges in the world. The park is interesting due to the uniqueness of its endemic animals, the beauty of its flora, and the majesty of its impressive landscape. In the park, there are three most colorful endemic mammals: Walia Ibex, Gelada Baboon, and Ethiopian Wolf. And there are also more than 50 different bird species that have been identified, among them a great many scavengers and birds of prey are soaring in the valleys. The Simien Mountains has one of the best trekking routes in Africa; the park offers the most popular trekking destinations in Ethiopia. The mountains consist of plateaus bisected by valleys and rising to pinnacles.

After early breakfast, you will be transferred to Bole Airport Terminal 1 for Addis Ababa- Gondar flight. Upon arrival at Gondar airport you will be picked up and continue driving to Simien by stopping in Debark check in at the headquarters of Simien Mountains National park ticket office. The road continues all the way to the first campsite at Sankaber. You’ll be dropped at Byutras(Simien Lodge)and start trekking at Michiby point ;along the way you hike to Sankaber campsite through stunning views over the endless mountain ridges and Valleys , scenic route and viewing a group of an amazing endemic Gelada baboons(Bleeding Heart Monkey).When we arrive in Sankaber we will be meet with our supplies for the trekking.
Accommodation: Camping at Sankaber campsite.
Meals: Lunch and Dinner

After breakfast you we will trek along the escarpment with stunning views over the valleys. After a couple hours the trail descends into an open valley and reveals the Jinbar Waterfall (500meter deep). We spent some time near this amazing waterfall. From the viewpoint, see the birds of prey soar on the thermals below. As you walk, you may catch glimpses of klipspringer, bushbuck and groups of Gelada Baboon (Bleeding Heart Monkey). Just before reaching Geech campsite, pass through the ancient village site of Geech and continue to Geech Campsite.

Accommodation: Camping at Geech campsite.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

After breakfast, go for a walking excursion that takes you first to Imet Gogo(3929m), Sahen and then to Kadavet viewpoints with stunning views over the valleys far below. In this area you will be able to visit unique flora which includes, the Giant Lobelia (Lobelia rynchopatelum), St. John’s Wort (Hypericumrevolutum), Giant heath (Erica arborea), Red-hot pokers or torch lilies (the Kniphofia), Everlasting flowers (Helichrysum), Sodom’s Apple (Solanum indicum), the ivory colored Abyssinian Wild Rose (Rosa Abyssinica), Koso (Hageniaabyssinica), geranium, alchemilla etc. You will stop for lunch along the way returning to Geech Camp for coffee/tea in the afternoon and a bit of time to relax before the evening meal.

Accommodation: Camping at Geech campsite.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Today your trail passes close to the ridge revealing breathtaking views most of the way. Start your trek by a gradual continuous climb towards Imet Gogo. Then descend south east to a grassy valley, following the ridge on open grassland. The climb to Inateye (4,070m) requires a slow steady pace but upon arrival is rewarded with stunning views. Inateye is a hot-spot for birds; raptors soar in the thermals below and you will likely also find tawny eagles and lammergeyer here. Chenek campsite has the best wildlife opportunities with Gelada baboon and Wallia Ibex frequenting the area. The campsite is set in a giant lobelia grove.

Accommodation: Camping at Chennek campsite.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

After breakfast, climb Mount Buahit returning to campsite for lunch. Drive back to Gondar. Explore the sites of Gondar, including a visit to the 16th century Royal Enclosure, with six castles and several other buildings. Additionally, visit Fasilidas’s Bath; still used for Timket (Epiphany) celebrations today, Debre Birhan Selassie church which has the most beautiful paintings in the Orthodox churches, with the most famous ceiling in Ethiopia.

Accommodation: Goha Hotel
Accommodation upgrade options: Gondar Hills Resort
Meals: Breakfast and Lunch

Transfer to Gondar Airport for the flight back to Addis Ababa.Upon arrival in Addis Ababa you will commence city tour of Addis Ababa including National Museum,Entoto Museum, Holy Trinity church, Ethnographic museum , Merkato,Unity park and Entoto Park.

Accommodation: Azzeman Hotel
Accommodations upgrade options: Best Western plus pearl Addis

Meals: Breakfast

In the evening/afternoon, a farewell party with free cultural dinner and traditional music to experience Ethiopia’s cultural meals and drinks. After the farewell party, transfer to Bole international airport for international departure. End of Tour

Notice: This itinerary can be amended up on request.

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