7 Days Simien Mountains Trekking Tour (Option 1)






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Tour Code: SMT221
Duration:6 nights and 7 days
Transportation: 4ᵡ4 Toyota Land cruiser

The Simien Mountains endowed with the stunning view points, extraordinary hiking trails and endemic wildlife makes it one of the most exciting mountain ranges in the world. The park is interesting due to the uniqueness of its endemic animals, the beauty of its flora, and the majesty of its impressive landscape. In the park, there are three most colorful endemic mammals: Walia Ibex, Gelada Baboon, and Ethiopian Wolf. And there are also more than 50 different bird species that have been identified, among them a great many scavengers and birds of prey are soaring in the valleys. The Simien Mountains has one of the best trekking routes in Africa; the park offers the most popular trekking destinations in Ethiopia. The mountains consist of plateaus bisected by valleys and rising to pinnacles.

After early breakfast, you will be transferred to Bole Airport Terminal 1 for Addis Ababa- Gondar flight. Upon arrival at Gondar airport you will be picked up and continue driving to Simien by stopping in Debark check in at the headquarters of Simien Mountains National park ticket office. The road continues all the way to the first campsite at Sankaber. You’ll be dropped at Byutras(Simien Lodge) ;along the way you hike to Sankaber campsite through stunning views over the endless mountain ridges and Valleys , scenic route and viewing a group of an amazing endemic Gelada baboons(Bleeding Heart Monkey).When we arrive in Sankaber we will be meet with our supplies for the trekking.

Accommodation: Camping at Sankaber Campsite.
Meals: Lunch and Dinner

From Geeh campsite (3622m) we initially start to go through one of the best views of Imet Gogo(3,629 meter)a.m.s.l (Imet Gogo offering superb to the valley below), the same fields of Giant Lobelia as yesterday, but soon we descend into the Jinbar River Valley. The trail follows the edge of the escarpment, which is completely vertical here for several hundred meters. We climbed Mt. Inatye (4070m) summit, it is a good place to look for Gelada Baboon, lammergeyer and Walia Ibex and where we will have lunch. After lunch we descend to Chennek for about two hours along a steep trail. From Chennek campsite there are stunning views in all directions. Sit down on a bench at the escarpment and try to spot Walia Ibex in late afternoon or early morning. Sometimes Walia Ibex visits the edges of the camp site.

Accommodation: Camping at Chennek campsite.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

From Chennek we walk for a couple of hours through narrow and steep valleys to the Second highest mountains Buwahit (4430 m) and visit the Walia Ibex, if you are lucky. Before reaching the broad valley of New Arkwazye, there is a steep climb through one of the villages, during which you might feel the long walk of the day before. After you have crossed this broad valley, the towering cliffs of Imet-Gogo appear once more.

Accommodation: Camping at Sona campsite.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

This morning starts with a big downhill walk for 3-4 hours into the valley at the foot of Imet-Gogo. Walking sticks are recommendable here, since there are many loose rocks. At the end of the descent, we reach the River Insia which forms natural pools here in a series of rocks. The water is very refreshing and this is an excellent spot to take a bath and wash some clothes. It is also possible to enjoy a coffee ceremony here, which is prepared by the local people. After lunch it is a leisure walk through fields of palm trees and with towering rock formations all along to Mekarebia campsite.

Accommodation: Camping at Mekarebia campsite.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

From Mekarebia we descended to a river where we had a swim the day earlier, which we will follow for some time. There is lots of bird life here. After two hours we will reach a big natural swimming pool, called Derek-Wonz. We will spend some hours here during the hottest part of the day. If you are lucky, you can spot kingfishers at the pool. After lunch we need to climb a steep trail for about 1-1.1/5 hours, before we reach the village of Awasza, at the foot of a huge rock. Here you can pause at the local cafe for a drink. From here it is less than an hour before you reach Mulit camp, where you can enjoy a marvellous sunset, especially if you walk out to the hill across from the camp site. Here, in the foothills of Simien Mountains National Park, you have your last chance to marvel at the beauty of the landscape. In the evening we will have a small goodbye party at the camp fire with some typical Ethiopian shoulder dancing in which, of course, you are welcomed to join in!

Accommodation: Camping at Mulit campsite.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

On this last day we will have a short and easy walk to AdiArkay for about 2hrs. Our vehicle waits for us in this town and transfers to the road to Gonder about 180 km north of Limalimo roads on the scenic foot of Simien Mountains. Or here an option possible drives to Axum about five hours on the Scenic TekezeRiver Gorges. End of the trek,and transfer back to Gondar.
After a relaxing breakfast, we will visit the historic Gondar city, including the 16th century medieval Royal Enclosure, the nearby Fasiladas bath and the fascinating DebreBerhan Selassie Church.

Accommodation: Goha Hotel
Accommodation upgrade options: Gondar Hills Resort
Meals: Breakfast

Today in the morning you will be transfer to Gondar airport for Addis Ababa flight. Upon arrival in Addis Ababa you will check into your hotel and go out for a half day city tour of Addis Ababa. Today depending on your time you will do the same part of the city tour packages and then continue the rest part the next day in the morning. Addis Ababa city tour including National Museum, Entoto Museum, Holy Trinity church,Ethnographic museum , Merkato market ,Unity park and Entoto Park.

Accommodations upgrade options: None
Meals: Breakfast

In the evening/afternoon, farewell party with free cultural dinner and traditional music to experience Ethiopia’s cultural meals and drinks. After the farewell part, transfer to Bole international airport for international departure. End of tour.

Notice: This itinerary can be amended up on request.

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