13 Days Bale Mountain Trekking Tour






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Tour Code: MBT421
Duration: 12 nights and 13 days
Transportation: Air plane and 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser

Bale Mountains National Park is an area of high-altitude plateau, bisected by many spectacular volcanic stops and summits, remarkable alpine lakes and rushing mountain streams that run into deep gorges to the eastern lowland areas.This park is one of the most popular places for mountain trekking tours in Ethiopia.It is the largest area of Afro-alpine habitat in the whole of Africa, the park offers visitors amazing opportunities for mountain hiking, trekking, and scenic driving. It also offers the opportunity to spot many of Ethiopia's endemic mammals, such as Mountain Nyala and the Ethiopian Wolf, and birds like the Abyssinin longclaw, Princes Ruspoles Turacco, Wattled Ibis, Blue-winged Goose , Rouget's Rail and money other birds. As you move in the park, you'll experience changes in the vegetation, from juniper forests to heather moorlands and alpine meadows, which at various times of year exhibit an abundance of colorful wild flowers.

After an early morning breakfast we drive to Dinsho via Asela town.On the way, we will have a coffee break in Bekoji;Bekoji is the origin of the famous Ethiopian runners like Tirunesh Dibaba and Kenenisa Bekel ,continue our driving through Arisi-Bale massif. Upon arrival in Dinsho we will stop for a break and Lunch at Dinsho Lodge (park H.Q). Leisure afternoon hiking around Dinsho park headquarters. Possible spotting wildlife that is frequently insight into endemic wildlife including, Mountain Nyala , Menelik Bushbuck, Bohor Reedbuck and many endemic birds; Wattled Ibis,Black-headed Siskin,Abyssinian LongClaw .

Accommodation:Camping at Dinsho H.Q
Accommodation upgrade options: Dinsho Lodge
Meals: Dinner

Today after breakfast, you trek from Dinsho to Sodota. On the way, you will enjoy the spectacular scenery of Bale Mountain and Finch Habera waterfall, where the Web and Willa rivers confluence, there is a good chance to see an endemic Ethiopia wolf and highland endemic bird life, including Blue Winged Goose , Spot -Breasted Lapwings and the Abyssinian long claw , the Wattled Ibis . Stop by at Habera waterfall for a nice break hiking and refreshing, continue to Sodota campsite (3400m).

Accommodation: Camping at Sodota
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Today after early breakfast we trek through a beautiful landscape with stunning views, you will see many Ethiopian wolf and endemic bird species including Blue Winged Goose and Spot Breasted Lapwing proceed your trekking up to Adlye woodland campsite.

Accommodation: Camping at Adley woodland
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Today we continue our trekking through magic landscapes to Keyrensa. Walking this day by hiking in Afro alpine was formed prior to the creation of the Keyrensa valley from lava outpourings which covered all and relying rock from a million year ago. Again we have a very good chance to spot a variety of bird species, particularly raptors, as well as Ethiopian Wolf.

Accommodation: Camping at Keyrensa campsite
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

After an early breakfast trek from Keyrensa to the Rafu campsite. Rafu Mountains were formed prior to the creation of the Rift Valley, from lava outpourings, which covered all underlying rock formations between 38 and 7 million years ago. We then will pass by the volcanic rock pillars near Rafu from where we enjoy spectacular panoramic views. On the way we should see Rock Hyrax,birds of prey,cliffs, springer and other mammals.

Accommodation: Camping at Rafu campsite
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

In the morning after breakfast, you will trek through the largest Afro alpine part of the African continent to Gaarba Guracha to climb Mount Batu (4203 meter) high above mean sea level, with a new terrain of Afro- Alpine meadows, incredible endemic plants: Giant lobelia and other plants of high land altitude and endemic animal:Ethiopian wolf and Falcons are available here.

Accommodation: Camping at Garba Guracha campsite.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Start trekking from Garba Guraha to sanetti plateau,usually the best place to see the Ethiopian wolf and trek back to Gaarba Guracha.We also trek over to the seasonal Crane lakes ,which attract thousands of birds from July-October ,this day we hiking around the 2nd highest peak Mt.Tullu Dimtu(4377m ) in Ethiopia after Ras Dashen(4533m ) and then climb Mt. Tullu Dimtu (4377m); offering spectacular views of the surrounding areas.

Accommodation:Camping at Gaarba Guracha
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

After breakfast, trek from Garba Gurcha to Worgona walk and keep hiking to visit Worgona valley,visit more landscapes and birds like Augurs Buzzard, Verreauxs,Tawny Eagle, and Steppe Eagle. Overnight Worgona campsite.

Accommodation:Camping at Worgona campsite
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Start hiking from worgona to Batu Tikko walking full day and visit the beautiful Afro Alpine meadows and many birds like lammergeyer, Golden Eagle, Bearded Vultures.

Accommodation:Camping at Batu Tikko campsite
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

After breakfast, we commence trekking from Batu Tikko to Dinsho walking (4-5 hrs). After arriving in Dinsho we will be picked up by our driver and continue driving to Heranna(the largest rainforest in Ethiopia ) forest, the southern part of the national park holding a unique vegetation and animals. We explore parts of the pristine Harenna forest on foot and hopefully spot the endemic Bale Monkeys.

Accommodation: Camping at Heranna forest campsite.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

After early breakfast, trek inside Harenna forest walking (7-8hrs) visit many wildlife including Bale Monkey and birds of the Harenna forest like Abyssinia Oriol, Yellow-Fronted Parrot , White -Cheeked Turaco and Narina Trogon and waterfall.

Accommodation: Camping at Harenna forest campsite.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

After early breakfast, enjoy morning game drive inside Hermann forest and drive back to Bale Goba to catch an afternoon flight for Addis Ababa.

Accommodation: Azzeman Hotel
Accommodation upgrades option: None
Meals: Breakfast

Upon arrival in Addis Ababa you will be checked into your hotel and go out for a half day city tour of Addis Ababa. Today depending on your time you will do the same part of the city tour packages and then continue the rest part the next day (Day 13) in the morning. Addis Ababa city tour including National Museum, Entoto Museum, Holy Trinity church, Ethnographic museum, Merkato market,Unity park and Entoto Park.

Today you will continue to do the rest part of the city tour from day 12.

Accommodation: None
Accommodation upgrades option: None
Meals: Breakfast

Today, in the evening/afternoon, a farewell party with free cultural dinner and traditional music to experience Ethiopia’s cultural meals and drinks. After the farewell party, transfer to Bole international airport for international departure. End of tour.

Notice: This itinerary can be amended up on request.

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