7 Days Arisi, Awash and Harar Tour



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Tour Code: ET221
Duration: 6 nights and 7 days
Transportation: Airplane and 4×4 Toyota Land Cruisers

After breakfast, you will commence guided city tour of Addis Ababa.The city was founded by Emperor Menelik 2 in 1886.Addis Ababa in Amharic means "New Flower".The capital city is home for Africa's Diplomatic capital with the presence of the Headquarters of the African Union and many embassies. We continue our driving up to the Entoto Mountain(3300m) high for a panoramic view of Addis,visitEntoto Museum with historical and Royal Exhibit, and the church of St.Mary.Drive back to Addis Ababa and visit Ethnographic Museum,National Museum,Holy Trinity Cathedral and Merkato Market(One of the biggest Open Air Market in Africa)

Accommodation: Haile Hotel Adama(Nazreth )
Accommodation upgrades option: None
Meals: None

After early breakfast,drive to Arisi Mountains National Park. lt is the nearest park to Addis Ababa than other parks of Ethiopia. The park is divided into 4 blocks:(The Dera-Dilfekar,Chilalo-Gamela,Kaka and Honkol).The Dear-Dilfekar block has about 25 wild mammals .The dominant mammals are Greater Kudu,Lesser Kudu ,Spotted Hyena,Warthog(the other animals Golden backed jackal,Abyssinian hare,Leopard, Grivet Monkey,Anubis baboon Grey duiker are also found there).And 189 bird species like Helmeted Guinea fowl,Little bee eater,Black wood hoopoe, Grey woodpecker, shining sunbird and others are found in the park.
Continue driving to Chilalo-Galema block. In this part of the park there are more than 40 highland mammals at the different directions of the park.Such as Bohor reedbuck, Warthog, Anubis baboon,Klipsplinger,Leopard,Mountain Nyala,Menelik's bushbuck and Ethiopian wolf(the highest population of Ethiopian wolf is leaving in this block).
Chilalo-Galema block offers fine high-altitude horse riding and trekking.You will have lunch in Bokoji town and then drive to Awash National Park.Upon arrival to Awash falls lodge,prepare for an evening driving safari to see mammals like Beisa Oryx,dik-dick,Anubis and Hamadryas baboon,warthog,black-backed jackal.

Accommodation: Awash Falls Lodge
Accommodation upgrades option: None
Meals: Breakfast

Early in the morning you will have a safari game driving in the Awash National park and visit the park with a spectacular natural warm swimming pool under desert palm trees ("Filwoha"-Hot springs), Awash River waterfall, lesser Kudu, DikDik, Beisa Oryx, Cheetah, Lions, defassa waterbuck, warthogs are expected wildlife. After lunch at Awash falls lodge,drive to Alidegehi wildlife reserve.
Allideghi wildlife sanctuary, found in the arid Afar regional state. Head office of Allideghi Park is at Andido, a small village on Addis Ababa – Djibouti High way road. In Allideghi wildlife reserve, wildlife are most possibly visible at near distance including (binocular or best zoomed photo camera makes it so much perfect) Northern Gerenuk , Dik-dik, Scrub Hare, (more than 10 Grevy's Zebra at a time could be seen), Wild Ostriches, Golden Jackal, Beisa Oryx, Warthog, Spotted Hyena ,Hamadryas baboon and Soemmerring’s Gazelle. If lucky, the following wildlifes are also visible: Caracal and wild cats, Cheetah, Somali Wild Ass (Somali Wild Ass is supposed to be viewed in the rocky hills with time and local guides).The park is also interesting for birdlife.

Accommodation: Doho Lodge
Accommodation upgrades option: None
Meals: Breakfast

Today after an early morning safari game drive in the park, continue driving to Harar through scenic views. You will have lunch in Dire Dawa at and keep driving to Harar, on the way you visit a fascinating Aweday chat market (largest chat market in Ethiopia).Upon arrival at Harar check into your hotel/guesthouse and rest before going to see the amazing and fascinating hyena feeding adventure; hyena man(men) feeding hyenas a meat by mouth. The local people started the habit of feeding spotted hyenas after the 1960s in order to stop them from attacking their livestock.

Accommodation: Wonderland Hotel
Accommodation upgrades option: Sumeya Hotel
Meals: Breakfast

Harari Traditional House
Today after breakfast, you will have a full day tour in Jugol (fortified historic town ) , the pleasant old walled city ;Harar is the 4th holiest city in Muslim community .Harar is the UNESCO's world heritage site with its narrow streets, many mosques, markets, chat chewing citizens, and old historical buildings. Here you will see the traditional houses and architecture, the Muslim quarters, Sherif Privet Museum and Arthur Rimbaud's (the 19th century French Poet) House and Museum.

Gugol Wall
Accommodation: Wonderland Hotel
Accommodation upgrades option: Sumeya Hotel
Meals: None

After break, you will drive out to east Harar to see an interesting Babile Camel Market( The biggest market in eastern Ethiopia) and Dakhata Valley(Valley of Marvels ). .Monday and Thursday is market day in Babile. Valley of Marvels has mesmerizing rock formation by defying balancing rock formations, most especially Dakata Rock. Returning to Harar for lunch and then driving to Dire Dawa.Visit of old Koroni Village(home for Argoba tribe;the village is 1000 years old ) in Harar is optional. In Dire Dawa you will visit the oldest La Gare train station (The rail was built from 1894 to 1917 to connect Addis Ababa to French Somaliland) and the colorful Kafira spice market; the market attracts peoples of Afar,Oromo farmers, Amhara merchants from rural places.

Accommodation: Samrat Hotel
Accommodation upgrades option: None
Meals: B

After breakfast,transfer to Dire Dawa airport for Addis Ababa flight.

Accommodation: None
Accommodation upgrades option: None
Meals: Breakfast

In the evening/afternoon, a farewell party with free cultural dinner and traditional music to experience Ethiopia’s cultural meals .After the farewell party transfer to Bole international airport for international departure. End of tour.

Notice: This itinerary can be amended up on request.

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