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Tour Code: DT221
Duration:8 night and 9 days
Transportation: Airplane and 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser

Hoya Tours Ethiopia staff well come You! At Bole International Airport and transfer to your hotel. Depending on your arrival time you will have a full day or half day city tour of Addis Ababa. The city was founded by Emperor Menelik 2 in 1886. Addis Ababa in Amharic means "New Flower".The capital city is home for Africa's Diplomatic capital with the presence of the Headquarters of the African Union and many embassies.
After breakfast we drive to the Entoto Mountain(3300m) for a panoramic view of Addis,visit Entoto Museum with historical and Royal Exhibit, and the church of St.Mary.Drive back to Addis Ababa and visit Ethnographic Museum,National Museum,Trinity Cathedral Merkato(One of the biggest Open Air Market in Africa).

Accommodation: Azzeman Hotel
Accommodation upgrades option: Best Western plus pearl Addis

After breakfast you will be transferred to Bole Airport to get the first flight to Mekele .Drive from Mekele to Hammed Ela. After the small town of Agula; we descend to the Afar Region. You will see many camel caravans, transporting rock salt from Lake Asalé to the town of Mekele at many spots on the road. We will have lunch at Berhale while entrance fees and support staff are arranged. Then we proceed towards Hammed Ela; accompanied with Afar polices and a local guide from Berahile. After settling your camping at Hammedela, explore the Camel Caravan and then drive to Lake Asale to see an interesting sun set.

Accommodation: Camping at Hammed Ela
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

The sulfur flats found in the area around Dallol are one of the key attractions of the Danakil, with multi-colored rocks. Once at the lake, an array of mesmerizing intermingling colors found within the semi dried pools glisten in the mid-day sun, creating an almost psychedelic landscape.
This day commence your exploration of all sites including salt mountains, the extraordinary babbling of Potash and sulfur lakes, Old Italian and American potash and sulfur industry sites, Salt Tunnels, and salt extraction site -being loaded on camel’s back. The site consists of hundreds of Afar cameleers chipping at the salty crust to extract neat 30 cm by 40 cm rectangular tablets; one camel carries up to 200kg or about 30 bars.

Accommodation: Camping at Hammed Ela
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

In the morning drive from Hammed Ela towards Erte Ale via Kursewat & Dodom and then climb Erta Ale (~1hr walk). Explore the extraordinary lava that babbles from its rim of Erta Ale volcano fire. Dodom the beginning to discover danakil depression, Passing through a changing landscape of solidified lava, rock, sand and occasional palm lined oasis. We will have early dinner around and trek up to Erta Ale. Camels transport all the camping materials, food,sleeping materials like light mattresses and mat and water to the rim of the volcano, where we spend the night watching the dramatic movement of the boiling lava. Danakil depression (Dallol and Erta Ale) ranks one of the most physically challenging natural attractions anywhere in Ethiopia. Erta Ale contains the world’s only permanent lava lake. It is popular for being the longest existing lava lake, present since the early years of the twentieth century.

Accommodation: Camping at Erta Ale
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Descend to where vehicles are camped and drive to Afrera for bathing with hot spring water on the shore of Lake Afrera and visit the salt mining site of Ethiopia.

Accommodation: Kuriftu and Spa Resort Hotel
Accommodation upgrades option: None
Meals: Breakfast and Lunch

Today after breakfast, we will drive to Doho. At Doho lodge you will have nature walks, view wildlife and birds around the lodge and swimming pool.

Accommodation: Doho Lodge
Accommodation upgrade options: None
Meals: Breakfast

Allideghi wildlife sanctuary, found in the arid Afar regional state. Head office of Allideghi Park is at Andido, a small village on Addis Ababa – Djibouti High way road. In Allideghi wildlife reserve, wildlife are most possibly visible at near distance including (binocular or best zoomed photo camera makes it so much perfect) Northern Gerenuk , Dik-dik, Scrub Hare, (more than 10 Grevy’s Zebra at a time could be seen), Wild Ostriches, Golden Jackal, Beisa Oryx, Warthog, Spotted Hyena and Soemmerring’s Gazelle. If lucky, the following wildlifes are also visible: Caracal and wild cats, Cheetah, Somali Wild Ass (Somali Wild Ass is supposed to be viewed in the rocky hills with time and local guides).

Accommodation: Awash Falls Lodge
Accommodation upgrade options: None
Meals: Breakfast

Drive in Awash National Park. Visit The Park with a spectacular natural warm swimming pool under desert palm trees (“Filwoha”-Hot springs), Awash River waterfall, lesser Kudu, Dik Dik, Beisa Oryx, Cheetah, Lions, water bucks, warthogs are expected wildlife.

Accommodation: Awash Falls Lodge
Accommodation upgrade options: None
Meals: Breakfast

Today after game drive in the Awash National park you will drive to Addis Ababa and commence half day city tour of Unity Park.

Accommodation: None
Accommodation upgrade options: None

In the evening/afternoon, farewell party with free cultural dinner and traditional music to experience Ethiopia’s cultural meals .After farewell party transfer to Bole international airport for international departure.
End of tour.

Notice: This itinerary can be amended up on request.

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