The Portuguese Bridge and Debre Libanos Monastery






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Tour Code: DLT221
Duration:1 Day
Transportation: 4ᵡ4 Toyota Land cruiser

In the morning after breakfast, you drive 100 km north of Addis Ababa to Debre Libanos Monastery. And you will drive through to get to the place where the Portuguese Bridge is located. The “Portuguese Bridge” bridge was not as its name suggests built by the Portuguese but was in fact built in the 19th century by an Ethiopian, called Ras Dargein, it was built in the 17th century .You will have a chance to hike to the Portuguese Bridge and  take amazing views. You can also walk from one amazing view point to the next. The view in this area is breathtaking, with a waterfall and a deep gorge taking down to the Jemma River valley. It is also a habitat of several birds: lammergeyer, Abyssinian ground hornbill, endemic banded barbet, Abyssinian woodpecker and endemic Gelada baboons

You precede your visit by driving ascending down about 3km from Ethio German Lodge to Debre Libanos Monastery. The monastery was established in 1284 by the Ethiopian saint Abuna Tekle Haimanot, Debre Libanos monastery played an important role in spreading Christianity in central Ethiopia. The modern church was built in 1950, by King Haile Selassie to replace the one destroyed by the fascists Italy. It is located in a small wooded gorge, 3 km off the main road. The landscape around the church is beautiful and serene, wooded hills are boosted by several streams and waterfalls; source of Debre Libanos’ famed holy water and the cave where St. Tekle Haimanot prayed until his death is also found nearby.

The monastery has one of the most interesting church museums in Ethiopia .In addition to ecclesiastical material it exhibits items like Italian guns, giant cooking pots, crowns of past emperors and their wives and musical instruments ,old wooden shackles and others. Drive back to Addis Ababa.

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